About us

Who We Are

SDS Project is a company formed by a combination of construction, installation and project management companies. As a result we have gained over 10 years experience in the field of construction industry. We are a team of professionals who will deal with every interesting construction project. The quality and timelines of the project is our priority. In our projects we use all available technological innovations and innovative finishing materials.

We specialize in building shopping mall’s based shops, offices and restaurants. A customer after providing to us investment projects and making arrangements according to the details receives a final readymade premisses without getting involved in the further process of execution. We coordinate the whole project in accordance with the agreed schedule. We are ready to implement the most complex projects where we can use our predispositions and skills.


  • Arkadiusz Słowiński
  • a.slowinski@sdsproject.pl
  • Michał Dubis
  • m.dubis@sdsproject.pl
  • Piotr Stęczniewski
  • p.steczniewski@sdsproject.pl